The Best Photo Spots at Disneyland

I’ve done posts on photo spots for both Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney World so thought it would only be right to write up the same for Disneyland. Whilst I’ve only visited the parks on one trip I found plenty of places to snap away! I’ve uploaded loads more on my Instagram, @bethanyfrancesca_ if you love Disney!

Pixar Pier Entrance, DCA

Pixar Pier to me is just incredible so this is one of my favourite photo spots. I’d recommend doing what I didn’t, and head to Pixar Pier as soon as the park opens as you’ll be able to get pictures with nobody else in them!

Radiator Springs Racers, DCA

This part of the park blew my mind as it’s just so bloody good! This is outside the Radiator Springs Racers ride, down the side from the entrance and I’ll always love the photos I took there. I just remember being completely blown away by how amazing Cars Land was.

Gas Pumps outside Flo’s Cafe, DCA

Another Cars Land photo spot but it has to be done! I wish we’d gone in here to sample some of the menu, I’ve heard the milkshakes are insane!! But for now (I’d love to go back!) I’ll settle for a mini photo shoot outside. This is of course in Cars Land and really easy to find.

Cozy Cone Motel, DCA

I wan’t joking when I said I loved Cars Land! The Cozy Cone Motel was on my list as I was dying to try the flavoured popcorn and mac n cheese cone. Naturally, I had to snap a couple of pics as it’s just really cool. Each kiosk is in a huuuuuge traffic cone and it’s just so on point with Cars. LOVE IT.


Incredicoaster Wall, DCA

You have to be committed if you want to get a photo here, as its essentially just the wall that lines the ride as you get off the ride. I clocked it when I got on and was like Ooooo LOVE THAT WALL (yes I have a problem!) and my boyfriend got the hint. When we got off he started snapping away as we walked off, keeping it subtle yano! But I do love how the photos turned out and the artwork is really cool!


Bing Bongs Sweet Stuff, DCA

I’d seen this place all over Instagram, so being the sheep that I am I made sure we headed over. My only regret is that we didn’t get a slushie and I wish we had as they look soooo good! You’ll find this at Pixar Pier not far down from the Pixar Pal a Round, please pick the slushie up for me.


Lamplight Lounge, DCA

We ate at Lamplight Lounge and it was bloody wonderful! We were taken downstairs to wait for our table and I couldn’t resist a snap in front of this wall. It just screeeeams Pixar to me!


Walt and Mickey Statue, DCA

Can you tell I love DCA? So many photo spots! This statue is really cute so I had to get my photo here. If you walk into the park, down the main ‘street’ you’ll come to this so it’s really easy to find.


That Iconic View, DCA

I have so many photos here and it sums up Disneyland for me. I’d envied everyone not only experiencing the OG park but getting pics in THIS PHOTO SPOT. It’s my fave and if you head over to Pixar Pier you won’t miss it!

The Castle Shot, Disneyland
A small issue whilst I visited… you couldn’t see the castle. Did that stop me getting a pic? Of course not! The castle is one of my favourite places to get pictures, so hopefully if you are looking to visit you’ll be able to see it in all its glory!


Small World Wall, Disneyland

I really liked the Small World area of Disneyland and there are a couple of different Small World walls you can take snaps in front of. One is almost opposite the ride, where as the other is to the right, next to the ride. For me this is quite an iconic Disneyland photo spot and both times I took photos there, a lot of other people were too!


Matterhorn Bobsleds, Disneyland

Whilst I didn’t love this ride I thought it made a cute photo spot. This place has a lot of footfall though so there were a lot of outtakes with people walking in front of the camera! You’ll find this easily as you take a right when you get to the castle.


Mickey and Minnie Wall, Disneyland

My recommendation here is try visit this a few times so you don’t end up with the only photo opportunity being like mine. With the wall half covered in shade! You’ll find this wall in Toon Town, fund Minnie’s House and you won’t miss it!


The Train Station, Disneyland

This is a busy location for photos and there are usually a couple of photo Pass photographers with huuuuge queues. I recommend standing off to the side like above and snapping a few pics. The entrance into Disneyland is so iconic, the feeling of being there is just amazing, no words!


Jolly Trolley, Disneyland

Another Toon Town photo opp (there were loads!) is this cute one on the Jolly Trolley. There are usually loads of kids sitting and playing on here, which is understandable but we managed to take some snaps when it was quiet and I love this pic!


Main Street USA, Disneyland

Anywhere on Main Street is good if you ask me! There are so many details and the theming is amazing. I opted for this building as I was v excited for Dumbo!

There are loads more photo spots, and we didn’t explore Disneyland as much as I’d have liked (mainly because DCA is life), but I hope this helps!

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