My Must Do’s at Disneyland

Whilst I’m no expert on Disneyland I wanted to share my must do’s and the things I think are worth doing. It’s basically a list of everything I’d jump to do if I was to go back. 

Must Do Park – Disney California Adventure

Obviously if I was to go back, I’d do both parks but I’m pretty sure the majority of my time would be spent in DCA. I loved Pixar Pier, thought Cars Land was incredible and the theming was something special.

DCA is everything I wish the Studios Park at Disneyland Paris was. So many people told me I’d love it but I was completely blown away. It was for sure, my happy place!

Must do Rides – Guardians of the Galaxy, Radiator Springs Racers & Incredicoaster

There was absolutely no way I’d be able to tell you what my one must do ride was, instead there is a few. I am a huge Tower of Terror fan so thought I’d hate Guardians of the Galaxy but MY GODDDDDD it was incredible. We ended up riding it a couple of times as we loved it so much, it’s probably my favourite ride ever at a Disney park.

My other must do rides are Radiator Springs Racers and Incredicoaster. I said I loved Pixar Pier and Cars Land above and part of that is because they are home to these two bloody fab rides. I’d recommend you grab fast passes for both as they are the dream.

I’d also live to give a shout out to Small World! We usually avoid this but it was a must see with it being the original. It has Disney characters dotted around the different countries within the ride which was fun to spot, just something different from the others we’ve ridden.

Must do Restaurant – Lamplight Lounge

In all honesty we didn’t visit a lot of restaurants whilst we were in the parks! Mainly as I filled up trying all of the snacks! However, we did visit Lamplight Lounge and had the amazing steak nachos and it was bloody wonderful. I love the atmosphere of the place, the food was good, cocktails were looooovely and was a nice break from a day running around the parks.


Must eat Snack – Churros, Pixar Parfait & Num Num Cookie

Considering we only had 2 and a half days there, I ate a lot of snacks. I don’t even think I could cut the list down to 3 snacks you must try, but if I was to go back I’d fill myself with more churros! I tried two whilst on my trip, you can see a breakdown of all the snacks I sampled in this blog post.

I’d also run to Pixar Pier for a num num cookie and Pixar Parfait whilst finding a nice lil people watching spot. Goals.

Must Buy – Spirit Jersey & Mickey Conductor Hat

Both of these were at the top of my list before I flew out to California and both came home with me. I love collecting merchandise that isn’t available in every park so spirit jerseys are perfect, I now have one from WDW, DLP and Disneyland! The Mickey Conductor hat is only available at Disneyland too, in fact I believe you can only pick it up at Oswald’s which is a really small shop on the left just as you enter DCA. You’re welcome!

Must See Show – Frozen, Live at the Hyperion

The Frozen show at DCA quite literally blew my mind! I have been to musicals in London and love them, so to find a show at a Disney park that was comparable is insane. It is an hour long but my god I loved every single second of this show, I’d definitely do it again! If you love the film and the music, you’ll love this, 100%!

Must See Nighttime Show – World of Color

I really loved this, it’s exactly what I wanted the show at Animal Kingdom at Disney World to be. I love how they project the images onto water and think it’s so clever, it features some of my favourite songs too. I’d recommend you grab a fast pass for this (by the Little Mermaid ride) and head riiiiiight to the front in the viewing area. The part that has warning signs about getting wet, ignore them and STAND THERE. You get a few sprays from the water pumps but not enough to leave you cold and wet!

These are just some of my favourite things at Disneyland, I’m dying to go back already! Let me know what your favourite things are.

Thanks for reading! :)

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