Dealing with Disney FOMO


What one may think is a niche problem to have is incredibly relevant to a lot of my fellow Disney pals on the internet. Just like any online community there are accounts that portray the ‘perfect’ life; always on holiday, always have the latest releases etc. etc. This can make the internet quite a lonely place if you aren’t able to, in the case of the Disney community, visit the parks 4 times a year, buy every release Disney throws at you and join the rat race of OMG I LOVE DISNEY MORE THAN ANYONE, ARIEL IS MY FAVOURITE NOT YOURS.

It is exhausting, unrealistic and in all honesty, where the hell are people putting all of the shit they buy? And how much annually leave do they have!? Oh the dream to live next to a park, eh?

All jokes aside, I don’t judge anyone for spending their money on Disney stuff and using annual leave to visit the parks. I’m in it. For the last 2 years I’ve visited the parks a lot and I’ve bought into many a release from our friends at Shop Disney.

HOWEVER, FOMO is real, there is no doubt about it. Instagram exacerbates the issue, everyone seems to have an annual pass, you get wrapped up in seeing those in the parks getting more likes and followers (which probs isn’t true). Others posting photos of their collections of Mickey stuffed toys, in some cases they can’t move for the Mouse being crammed in every gap.

BUT I’ve got ya, I’ve been there and I’ve come out of the other side. I got myself a reality check and put my energy into not being the worlds biggest Disney fan and into doing ME instead. You need to ask yourself, how do I WANT to express myself? For me, that was wacking 99% of my Disney stuff on Depop and keeping special bits. At least that was the start anyway.

If you aren’t looking to be dramatic AF like me and rid your life of your possessions, I recommend a few other things.


Curate your feed

Starting with my fave but I did this 6 months a go and BOYYYYY did it change the way I felt about Instagram. This isn’t just Disney related, it’s simply good for the soul. Your social media channels are YOURS, they are unique to you, nobody has the same. You don’t OWE anyone a follow. Simple as.

Unfollow people who make you feel negative, you don’t need it in your life. I don’t care much for those who collect every single release, so those who focus solely on merch were removed from my digital life. Bye, hun.

I did it in stages as I worked out what made me happy online. I thought it would be awkward to unfollow people I knew IRL or would bump into at events, but nope, unfollowed. They were admittedly, the last to go and 90% of them unfollowed me right back but, who cares? You can still LIKE someone IRL, even if their content has a negative impact on you.

Find your vibe

What makes you happy? Yes we’d all LOVE to be off to WDW and be counting down to 3 different trips but we aren’t all made of money, so yano. For a time I liked experimenting with outfit flatlays, I loved incorporating Disney into those and it’s something I want to pick up again in 2020. I’m a big fan of sharing #everydaydisney which brings me onto the next one..



Two of the most amazing ladies (Hayleyand Heather) live on opposite sides of the world to each other, met through the Disney community and were inspired. Hayley lives in Australia so any trip is FAR and Heather lives in Germany, isn’t a millionaire and works, so isn’t in Paris 24/7 at DLP. They were INSPIRED! They knew there were amazing fans all around the world who ALL loved Disney and could express it equally, from a Disney park or their local village. So the Disney Style Around The World movement was born!

Regardless of whether you join in with the monthly challenge (I believe they will be back for 2020) the concept rings true. It doesn’t matter WHERE you are, or HOW MUCH Disney stuff you own – you are equal and this whole Disney FOMO thing needs to LEAVE.

I know this doesn’t give many practical things to do, but I believe it’s more mindset based, so once you realise that, you’ll be living your best Disney life. Obviously mine is doing a peace sign… which I’m doing in all of these photos. Classic Beth.



Thanks for reading! :)

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