What I Spend in a Week

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I love reading Refinery29’s Money Diaries when I need a 5 minute break in the office. I don’t know if it’s just because I’m nosy AF or trying to find someone just as bad with money as I am, but either way it kills some time.

I’m known for being crap with money, I talk openly on my Instagram about credit card debt and in the same breathe, share new clothes I picked up at Westfield! 2020 is the year I pay it off and cut it up, but for now – here is a diary of my spending for a week in January.

DAY 1 – Wednesday 1st January

11:30am – New years day, a day off work and after a lie in I wake up feeling fresh. Very thankful for being 80 in my head (not 26!) and bringing the New Year in, in my pjs with a Ribena.

Sometime in the afternoon – We make our way to Westfield for a browse… emphasis on the browseeee please! Get the bus, tap in for £1.50 – £1.50

3pm – Decide on Wagamamas and the boyfriend pays (win) – we get £2.95 deducted from the bill (price of a lemonade) as the waiter spilt said lemonade all over me, my phone and Gucci bag. A bit sticky but I DEMOLISH my chicken katsu (basic bitch hi) ready for that browse.

4pm – Doing well so far, spend £9 something in Lush on some discounted bath bombs, v surprised they still have Christmas sale stuff left tbh – £10 as Monzo rounds it up

5pm – Damn Boots and their sale. Walk out with some discounted Disney bubble bath and a Harry Potter bath bomb that tells you what house you are in (bitch better say Hufflepuff), £6. Also pay boyfriend half towards an electric toothbrush set, RRP was £450 so think we got a lil deal on that. – £65

5:30pm – Go into Waterstones to look for a veggie cookbook, find one but see it on Amazon for half price (I’m a terrible person I know) so order on Prime whilst in store. – £10

6pm – Walk past Five Guys and somehow order two mikshakes for ELEVEN POUNDS. Miss the bus by 30 seconds but or luck was in as when it eventually turned up the machine wasn’t working… FREE JOURNEY! – £11

Total – £103.50 – ouch

DAY 2 – Thursday 2nd January

8:00am – Nip into Sainsburys at the station near work for ‘essentials’ … snack-a-jacks, a tuna sandwich and a yoghurt – £3.05 but £4 thanks to Monzo round up

1:00pm – 20p down into my ‘credit card fund’ pot as I linked my Monzo to Twitter. I pay 10p for every tweet now apparently, wonder how long that will last.

5:00pm – Off home, tap in on the train, travel is around £7 a day to and from work. Have the quietest of evenings, eat a veg stir fry that I bought using our joint account, so yano, doesn’t count. – £7

Total – £11.20

DAY 3 – Friday 3rd January

1:00pm – Took super noodles into work for lunch so avoiding spending on food – 5 points to me… but Gucci launched a Disney collection to I spend the whole afternoon trying to justify it…

3:00pm – ONE WHOLE POUND leaves my account, damn tweets. Tempted to deactivate Twitter tbh. – £1

5:00pm – Travel to Old Bond Street, fall into Gucci, £195 down, cute cardholder in HAND! – £195

6:00pm – Tap onto the bus, zone 1 travel and a couple of buses mean my travel rounds up to £8, pffft. – £8

Total – £204

DAY 4 – Saturday 4th January

9:00am – After yesterdays splurge I sort a strict budget out for until our NYC trip later in the month. Decide to go for a walk around the park, pop into Sainsburys for pancakes on the joint account. Too lazy to walk home so bus it is. £1.50

1:00pm – Sign up to an online course for social media etc. Marketing geek inside me is v happy – £15

3:30pm – Meet a friend at my favourite cake shop… all within budget ofc. Get a cupcake and lemonade. Two hours of chats later, head home. – £7

5:00pm – Boyfriend cooks dinner, bloody lovely. Watch Psycho and go to bed early #rockandroll Oh and 20p paid in tweets. – 20p

Total – £23.70

DAY 5 – Sunday 5th January

10:30am – Head out to meet a friend for a hot choc/coffee date and walk around the park (oh hi new years resolution to move more). Lovely pal pays (I’ll get it next time) and 6,000 steps later I head home.

1:00pm – Bus to Lidl (£1.50) for a weekly food shop which goes on the joint account. That account is a god send as I wack it in as soon as I get paid and don’t have to worry!

2:30pm – Bus back home (£1.50), eat a share bag of crisps (I share obv…) and settle down to watch LFC vs Everton.

6:00pm – Bath, amazing food, bed for 10pm. This is the life.

Total – £3

DAY 6 – Monday 6th January

8:00am – V smug getting to the office with a carton of milk purchased on the joint acccount the day before for my cheerios and a box full of leftovers for lunch.

1:00pm – Enjoy my lunch, avoid browsing ASOS on lunch and get through the afternoon of back to back meetings.

6:00pm – Found a packet of chocolate hobnobs I stole from my mums at Christmas and make up for the fact that I didn’t snack a lot at work and eat… a few.

7:30pm – Veggie shepherds pie for dinner (we’re trying to be veggie until we go on holiday!). It was average so v thankful for the hob nobs tbh.

10:30pm – Bed.

Total – £7.30 (travel + 3 tweets!)

DAY 7 – Tuesday 7th January

7:50am – Slightly early for work so stop by a coffee shop for a hot chocolate I didn’t need but bloody well wanted – £3

12:45pm – Fail of a veggie shepherds pie = no lunch for today. Ring ahead to the local cafe to order a baked potato with beans – £5

5:00pm – Work was uneventful and I skip out on work drinks because being social for a couple more hours is too much.

7:30pm – Another veggie dish on the cards, not 100% sure what it was tbh. Tasted OK though.

Total – £15.60 (+travel + 6 tweets)

Peach Kids' Fashion Lookbook Pinterest Graphic-2


The elephant in the room is the Gucci purchase, so lets address it. It 100% isn’t a common occurrence for me and was v much a *fuck it* moment. Ignoring that this is a good week for me as I usually spend waaay more on food at work & eat out a couple of times a week.

With NYC around the corner, January being a fresh start and the fact that I really could do with paying off my credit card I’m not too upset at this. As long as I’m not in Gucci every week I’m feeling PROGRESS!

Let me know if you enjoyed this post, I could look at doing this once every few months to see how it changes! Or ask some pals for theirs so we can all be nosy.


  1. Loved reading this! I’ve read a few before and find them so intriguing and I think they really put things into perspective. I might write one myself one week, a sort of self shame for over spending may put a stop to it!



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