What I spent in New York

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I’ve just got back from New York and I’m already dying to go back. It was my first visit and we here there for around 4 and a half days (arrived Wednesday afternoon & left Sunday at 11pm).

‘How much money should I take’ is a question I find hard to answer as everyone is different. Some people want 3 sit down meals a day, others want wine with breakfast. It is so subjective but I thought this may help someone or if you fancy a nosy at what I spent, that’s ok too.

I’ve included food costs for both of us, but this doesn’t include Nicks metro pass or any shopping he did (it wasn’t a lot!). We’re 100% cheap, quick eats kinda people and we don’t drink too much either. In fact the only alcohol I had was a glass of cava when we checked in! We purchased our NYC Explorer passes before we left so we didn’t have to factor these in to our spending money whilst we were there.

Wednesday PM

We got a taxi from the airport to our hotel which was fine. Took around an hour and traffic was fairly light (was v surprised!), it was around 3pm for reference! Nick paid for this & they cap the journey. – $65

Times Square was our first stop after checking in, I dropped $33.99 in the Disney Store without a thought. Why is it so easy? We also went to Target and I stocked up on essentials which is included goldfish & filled twizzlers – $46.99

Joes Pizza for dinner! Literally everyone and their dog suggested this as a nice, cheap eat (my fave ofc). We got 3 slices of cheese pizza and a drink (maybe two I can’t remember) and managed to find somewhere inside to eat it – $13.50

The Dunkin’ sign was LOOKING AT ME so we bought two donuts *chefs kiss* – $3.38

Daily total – $128.87


Jet lag was our friend as we rose super early so managed to grab a table at Ellen’s Stardust Diner for breakfast. We arrived at 7:20am and were one of the first through the door. Atmosphere was great, food was OK – $52.45

Decided to get a 7 day unlimited subway card as we were sure we’d make enough journeys to justify it (and then some) – $33 

We headed over & did TOTR with our NYC Explorer Pass and I picked up a Starbucks with a reusable cup – $7

Made our way over to do a lil boat trip to see the Statue of Liberty, again this was part of our NYC explorer pass.

Nick found an ice cream place so obviously we stopped off for a snack – $14

I managed to grab a cheeky taco as he wanted to use their bathroom. Nick hates Taco Bell so I couldn’t pass it up! – $2.06

Took a trip to the public library to see the OG Winnie the Pooh bear, nice little Disney thing to do! We also found Carragher’s Bar so we could watch Liverpool vs Wolves. I had two cokes whilst Nick had a few beers and fries so he paid but it was around $45 I think! – $45

MEAN GIRLS was amazing! And we bought the tickets before we came for a bargain so doesn’t count. But we did head to Shake Shack afterwards – $22

Daily total – $175.51


Up early for a trip to the outlets, pre booked coach tickets were a good shout and we got there with no issues. We got there around 30 mins before the shops opened so grabbed McDonald’s breakfast, I only had a hash brown but Nick paid and I think it was around $10 – $10

Outlet shopping left a bit of a dent in my $$$! I picked up a birthday present for my mum, 4 pairs of jeans from American Eagle, two Pandora rings and a few other bits, including a small Disney store haul. – $400

Realised it was now 1:30pm and I’d eaten next to nothing all day so raided the vending machine. Sweeeeet sweet Fanta and a packet of sour patch kids – $4.50

Dropped our shopping back at the hotel and headed to 2 Bros Pizza, another highly recommended pizza place. There was one not far from our hotel and it was sooo yum! They have some really good deals on and we both took advantage of the two slices of cheese pizza and a can for $3! – $6

Giving in to the Insta hype, we headed to Milk for average soft serve and cake and it cost almost $17. Do not recommend! – $17

We went to Central Park to watch the sun set and on route dropped $60 each on basketball tickets for the evening. We then spent $17 on popcorn and a souvenir cup with unlimited refills! – $137

Daily total – $574.50


The day it rained 24/7 but we embraced it and headed to Dunkin’ for breakfast. Two cream cheese bagels, a latte and a hot chocolate on route to the Gossip Girl tour (included in NYC explorer pass) – $15

A sucker for anything sweet related, I filled up a lil pic n mix in Dylans Candy Bar whilst on the tour and picked up 2 cokes – $22.50

Left the tour at Grand Central and headed to Little Italy for lunch. Despite the rain it was delightful and we were both stuffed. – $52

9/11 memorial museum was top of our list so we could pay our respects and a rainy day meant it was perfect with it being indoors, this was included in our NYC Explorer pass.

After relaxing in the hotel we headed out for Panda Express as I needed my orange chicken fix. – $22

Target run for goldfish and twizzlers to take home #essentials! – $25

Daily total – $136.50


Last day and we had a lot we wanted to get done before that 11pm flight. We headed out to Central Park and hired bikes to take advantage of the last credit on our Explorer Pass. We managed an hour and half before returning them!

Lunch at Time Out Market as we headed over to Brooklyn. A burger, sliders and sweet potato tater tots – $22

Walked over the bridge, headed to the Mickey Mouse mural and then to the High Line – our feet were DONE IN. We left the High Line for Chelsea market where we picked up a taco, quesadilla, a coke, fanta and nachos. – $25

Back to the hotel to pick up our bags, we pre booked a car to take us to the airport so was more expensive than our taxi to the hotel from the airport – $85

May or may not have bought a Mcdonalds, 6 Dunkin’ donuts and two bottles of fanta in the airport – $28

Daily total – $160

Total spend – $1,175.38

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It’s no surprise that almost half of what was spent was shopping! I had set aside an amount in my head for the outlets and I stuck within that so happy days. We didn’t spend too much on food because, like I said, we love quick and cheap food.

I don’t know how useful this is for people but I literally have ZERO idea on what I spend outside of shopping, so it was actually really interesting to keep track!


  1. I’m keen to know more about Target! Is there one near Times Square? I went out to Queens last time I was there but it’s quite a hike, if there’s one in Manhattan I need to find it!


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