Films I Saw In January


I’ve decided to review all of the films I see at the cinema each month of 2020. I’ve had my Cineworld card for nearly two years and in 2019 saw FIFTY SEVEN films. I’m wondering if I can top that this year!

This might give you some inspo, but it’s more for me to look back on when picking my best films of the year! I’d say go and see whatever you want to see regardless of the reviews! You just never know. And that’s what I love about film.


This was on my ‘must see’ list after one of my friends who works in film PR was excited about it at the end of last year. I once was very close minded when it came to films but over the past few months have gone to see whatever!

I am SO GLAD I went to see this film. It’s actually hilarious. An 18 for good reason as the c word is used more times than I could count, but it was just SO DAMN GOOD.

It kept me guessing, I didn’t clock watch at all (which is rare for me) and the tempo was just right. It isn’t super long, around an hour 40 I believe but they fit so much into that time. The cast list was amazing and none of them disappointed, all played their roles really well and I just really enjoyed myself.

First film in the cinema of the year was a pretty good choice if you ask me! But would I watch it again? I don’t think it’s one i would tbh!



The cinematography in this was incredible. Like I honestly have no words. It felt so realistic when in the trenches, I’m still thinking about it now. Like we all know how horrific it was but it really made me stop and think half way through. It made it more real, if that makes sense?

I was gripped from beginning to end and at the end I just felt… teary. The outcome, the journey getting there, it was so intense. I think there was one time half way through I started to get a bit bored but it wasn’t for long.

I didn’t think I was one for a war film, but I watched Saving Private Ryan at the start of the month and I can confidently say I’ll be first in line for a war film at the cinema. New year, new me?



This film was a pain in the arse to get to see tbh. After a week Cineworld took it down to only showing it at 4pm in the week which wasn’t helpful. I managed to see it at 10:20am on a Sunday! Solo cinema trips are great, except when you are in an early showing for a kids showing on your own. I don’t think anyone cares but for some reason it feels weird?!

Anyway onto the film… I enjoyed it! It has Will Smith & Tom Holland in and tbh they were the reason I went to watch it. I thought they were both really good, but I did find myself getting a little bored half way through.

I wouldn’t rush to see it but I’m glad I did manage to catch it!


I only managed 3 trips to the cinema in January but I 100% want to make at least 5 films in February!

Let me know what you saw or would recommend!

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Thanks for reading! :)

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