New York: 4 Day Itinerary


I visited New York in January 2020 and we had around 4 and a half days. I thought it might be handy to someone out there to share exactly what we managed to do each day.

Before we left for NYC we had planned what we wanted to get done and had a bit of a plan on what each day would look like. However, this changed so much, sometimes multiple times on the day! This does happen with us on trips so it wasn’t a complete shocker but things like the weather and sheer volume of stuff we wanted to do, definitely led to our plans moving around a lot.

TRAVEL DAY – Wednesday (PM)

We flew in & arrived at our hotel around 4pm after a surprisingly nice flight into JFK. It didn’t take us too long to get through security and we jumped in a cab at the airport to our hotel. They have a flat fee for drop offs from the airport which I believe is around $65.

We managed to freshen up, wrap up and head out to explore for a few hours to try and combat the dreaded jet lag!

In the time we were out we visited Times Square, I bought a few bits from the Disney Store and we had Joes Pizza. We got some really nice photos of Times Square in the dark which screamed NYC to me. We also grabbed a Dunkin and ran into Target for US snack supplies – a must for us!

I think we got back to the room around 7-8pm so didn’t stay out too long but we knew we had a pretty busy and early day the next morning so headed to bed around 9pm.


DAY 1 – Thursday

Our hotel was around a 20 minute walk to Times Square and we were there for around 7am (!!!). We took photos for about 15 minutes and headed to Ellen’s Stardust Diner which wasn’t too far. So thankful that jet lag

Breakfast at Ellen’s and then we hopped on the Subway back to the hotel to pick up something we’d forgotten! I also changed into some jeans which you probably didn’t need to know but I’m telling you!

We arrived at the Rockefeller Center around 9:20am, there was no queue for tickets and we went straight up. We spent a while taking in the view, snapping photos and just soaking in the fact we were actually in New York!

Grabbed a Starbucks, a couple of snacks from the weird Amazon Go store and walked over to Grand Central station. To honest this was quite the walk but we wanted to see it (Gossip Girl fan over here!) and we needed to jump on the subway anyway.

11am we picked up tickets for an 11:30 one hour boat tour, which took us up to the Statue of Liberty for a few photos! We had the Explorer Passes which meant we saved money, but it was also really easy to use.

Half 12 we grabbed some ice cream and headed back on the Subway for the New York Public library. If you are a Disney fan you’d appreciate seeing the OG Winnie the Pooh! I believe we made it there around 1:35pm before going to the pub to watch the football!

The pub did take up a good few hours of our day, but I welcomed it as man I was TIRED! and it meant I had time to move photos onto my phone from my camera and have some Instagram time.

After a quick trip to the hotel we reached the theatre for Mean Girls at around 6:45pm. It was such a great show, 100% recommend! There is a Shake Shack not far and I had a hotdog just before 10pm – a great way to spend the evening if you ask me.


DAY 2 – Friday

7:40am – Up, ready and on route to the coach station for a trip to Woodbury Common outlets.

We arrived at the outlets around half 9, had some food and when everything opened at 10 we spent almost an hour in just two shops – Disney and Levi’s! By 1pm we were done and waited for a coach back to NYC (with a fanta of course).

At half 3 after dropping our shopping in the room we headed out for 2 Bros Pizza, which is lovely and such a bargain! We then walked to Milk for cake and soft serve, both of which were very average in my opinion, and not worth the Insta hype!

5pm we jumped off the Subway and strolled to Central Park – we climbed up on a rock and watched as the sun set behind the huuuuge buildings. It went dark fairly quickly so we headed back to the hotel (not after buying basketball tickets online!).

Our hotel was around the corner from Madison Square Garden so we left just before 7pm to see the Knicks! We left with a few minutes to go because we still had no idea what time zone we were on – typical.


DAY 3 – Saturday

Aaaaand the heavens opened… and didn’t close ALL DAY! Luckily we had plans and had booked onto the Gossip Girl tour which was mostly on a coach around the city.

We grabbed Dunkin for breakfast at 9:30am and jumped on the coach just before 10; after snaps in front of the Palace of course!It ended around 12:20 at Grand Central which was perfect as we got a Subway to Little Italy for some pasta! Da Nico was very highly recommend and I deserves to be as we loved it. Even if we did have to live under our umbrella to get there!

We thought the 9/11 memorial museum was a good rainy day activity and was top of our list anyway, so this was the perfect time to go. I’m not sure what time we got there as I’ve been using my photos as a guide on timelines and I took none whilst there, but we swung by a sports shop on the way back and I bought a new NFL hat to add to my collection!

Around 4:30pm we walked by the Flat Iron building (in the rain – fun times) and headed back to hibernate for a couple of hours. We did visit a thrift/vintage store on our way back and Nick got Nike trainers for less than $35, I was very jealous!

I hadn’t had my favourite on the trip, Panda Express so we got there about 7:30pm as the rain has stopped! It was as delightful as I remember! We went to Target again for last minute snacks to take home… essentials of course.

We got back to the hotel about 9pm where I ate a Milkyway ( more like our mars bars!) and packed my case before bed.


DAY 4 – Sunday

Our flight was at 11pm and we still had some pretty big things to tick off our list so we checked out at 9am and headed to Central Park.

10am and we were riding around Central Park on the bikes we’d hired. It’s safe to say it didn’t last long and by 11:25am we were on the subway up to Brooklyn so we could walk the bridge back to Manhattan.

First stop was the Time Out market for lunch around 1pm, potentially the worst time to visit but we managed to get a seat with no problems.

By about 1:45pm we were walking the Brooklyn bridge and I bloody loved it. We stopped to take some photos and came off the other side around 2:15pm. We weren’t rushing either so it was quite a nice 30 minute walk with amazing views!

We hit Mott Street 30 minutes later to see the Mickey Mouse wall and snap a few photos for the gram! We didn’t stick around here for too long as we still had the High Line on our list!

We got to the High Line around 3:45pm and walked it until around 4:20pm when we jumped off to go to Chelsea Market. We grabbed some tacos in there which were unfortunately too spicy for me! And then ordered an Uber to get back to the hotel.

At 5:30pm we left our hotel for the airport, with traffic we arrived at 7pm and the wait for our flight started. I may or may not have fallen asleep at the gate…

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Thanks for reading! :)

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