Current Everyday Makeup Favourites


I used to wear makeup everyday without fail, but when I moved jobs last July I decided to start fresh. I went in without makeup everyday, unless one morning I fancied it – which is probably a few times a month! When I hadn’t worn it before I’d always get the ‘are you ok?’ ‘you look pale’ comments so the whole new workplace eliminated this as it’s the norm.

Having said that I love makeup, and I probably love it even more now as it’s a bit of a novelty when I apply it. I have some staples that I’ll repurchase until I’m old! So… I’m gonna chat ’bout them.

Spectrum Brushes

I’ve tried loads of different brushes over the years but Spectrum is one I’ve settled on. Great quality, reasonably priced and v v pretty. These babies are a new set as I decided to treat myself so they are completely untouched! Part of me wants to save them and never use them.

I love their ‘normal’ ranges and also their Disney ones – I have one of the Disney sets and it’s one of the best purchases I’ve made. I just wish I was better at cleaning them…

Vichy Dermablend Foundation (affiliate link)

My #1 foundation is this baby from Vichy! I’v been using this for over 4 years and it’s yet to let me down. It’s full coverage and you can build it up, the colour range is good for me and it isn’t the priciest on the market either. It’s £20 but I usually wait until it’s on offer on lookfantastic or Boots and stock up.

I know foundations are a weird one as every face is different but this one is so underrated but I couldn’t recommend it more. One to try if you are in the market for new foundation.

NYX Tame & Frame Pomade (affiliate link)

I was using a Benefit product for years but last time I ran out I wanted to try something slightly cheaper. Thats where NYX came in as a couple of my pals had raved about this brand in the past. I love how creamy this is, it goes on like a dream and stays on my face! There is nothing worse than looking in the mirror half way through the day and being half a brow down!

Glossier Pro Tip

I love me an eyeliner and I’ve never found one I love… until now. It’s suuuuper black, is easy to apply & last for ages. I was lucky enough to get this for Christmas and it’s a firm favourite in my makeup bag. I’ve liked most of the products I’ve tried from Glossier and I definitely want to work my way through more!

Glossier Lash Slick

Mascara is another product I’ve struggled with and this Glossier babe was also a Christmas present. As a glasses wearer I don’t want suuuper long eyelashes so this ticks the boxes. Think of your lashes but better… and it doesn’t give you panda eyes which is always nice.

Fenty Stunna Lip Paint (affiliate link)

Not pictured but I couldn’t write this post without mentioning these babies. Fenty deliver on the lipstick font with their Stunna Lip Paints. I have 4 of these and I can’t fault them. Easy to apply (a little goes a long way!), super pigmented, long lasting, not drying – perfection. They are pricy at £20 but they are pretty much all you see me wear now. I’m running out of their amazing red shade so need to repurchase!

The Ordinary Silicone Primer (affiliate link)

This primer is £3.90 and a complete bargain if you ask me. This is another ‘a little goes a long way’ product and I can’t rave about it enough. My foundation sits so much better after using this and I’ve tried loads of primers in the past. I bulk bought a few of these when I nipped into store because it’s an absolute essential for me now.

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Thanks for reading! :)

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