What I Spent in a Week: February


Peach Kids' Fashion Lookbook Pinterest Graphic-3The inspiration for these posts came from Refinery29’s Money Diaries which I adore reading when I need a 5 minute break at work. I wrote my first one of these posts in January and have decided to do it once a month this year. I know there are people out there who are just as nosy as me, but I’d also like to try and keep track of my spending, too.

I move a chunk of money into our joint account for rent, bills and food so anything we put on there I don’t count. My travel is around £35 a week so I’ll add that in instead of breaking it down each day.

DAY 1 – Monday 3rd February

8:00am – Nip into Sainsburys on my way into the office for a small milk and multipack of Hula Hoops. Milk is an essential as I’ll had Cheerios for breakfast everyday! – £2

12:30pm – Took a falafel wrap into the office which was v average, so ditch it for a bagel with cream cheese that I already had in the office. Ate it whilst watching Next in Fashion which I have mixed feelings about!

2:00pm – A colleague and I are too intrigued by the Pizza Hut x KFC collaboration that we drop £15 on the new pizza and a cookie dough, thankfully the pizza was on a ‘any large pizza for £9.99’ offer. It wasn’t anything special which was v disappointing! – £7.50 as we halved it.

8:00pm – Download the Free Prints app and order 40+ photos from NYC, plan to buy a photo album later in the week – £2 for delivery

Daily total: £11.50

DAY 2 – Tuesday 4th February

8:00am – Sainsburys for a packet of 4 bread rolls as I have a tin of tomato soup for lunch. – 70p

12:30pm – Decide the soup can wait and go to Greggs with a couple of colleagues. Decide on a hot southern fried chicken baguette and a cake. – £4.70

5:00pm – RUN out of the office as it’s been the day from hell. Spent £17 in TK MAXX on two photo albums – £17

6:00pm – Home to watch Hannah Montana: The Movie (my comfort film!) and have the soup I was supposed to have for lunch with the bread rolls. Watch an episode of The Stranger before bed (WE ARE HOOKED!)

Daily total: £22.40

DAY 3 – Wednesday 5th February

6:30am – Wake up coughing so made a mental note to guy cough syrup on the way to work. On my way out, find we already have some – WHAT A DAY! Saved myself a fiver there.

1:00pm – Go to the greasy cafe near work with two colleagues, we all need to get out of the office. I go for burger, chips and beans with a coke – so healthy this week! – £5.80

5:30pm – Sainsburys on my way home to pick up things for a veggie stir-fry and some juice, pop it on the joint account so technically spent nothing!

Daily total: £5.80

DAY 4 – Thursday 6th February

1:00pm – Walk to Sainsburys on my lunch, can’t decide what I want so I buy a mac n cheese ready meal, a packet of monster munch (pickled onion of course!) and a lindt egg, helloooo Easter chocolate! – £5

7:00pm – Meet a pal after work and decide to meet for a Yo Sushi! I opted for their big chicken katsu and a coke, use my Cineworld card to get discount – £10 each

8:00pm – Have a wander around Primark before I go home (it’s a great time to go into the Marble Arch store), surprisingly come out with nothing after eying up allll of the headbands.

Daily total: £15

DAY 5 – Friday 7th February

1:00pm – Weather is nice so go for a walk with a colleague up to the London Eye on lunch. Run into Pret there and pick a tuna baguette, cookie and a can of coke. I did have noodles at work but classic me didn’t want it. – £5.79

6:00pm – Go for a walk with a friend… didn’t realise it was a day of walks!? We usually go for a Wednesday walk every week but we were busy, it’s so lovely to catch up WHILST doing something productive!

7:30pm – Nandos and cinema date! Nandos goes on the joint and I spend 85p on some laces in Sainsburys for the film. Cineworld card means we don’t pay for a ticket. – 85p

Daily total: £6.64

DAY 6 – Saturday 8th February

12:30pm – Head to The Bloggers Market in Camden, take out £50 as it’s cash only and I want to set a ‘max spend’ limit for myself. Pick up a denim jacket, pair of shoes (brand new!), a & Other Stories jumper and a print for our living room and still have £15 left. – £35

1:30pm – La Nonna for some bloody lovely pasta, I ate it so quickly as I skipped breakfast in favour for more time in bed. £11 with a can of coke

3:00pm – Pick up two Doughnut Time treats on the way home – £9

6:30pm – Veggie curry for dinner, made from scratch by the boyfriend, I ate my own bodyweight in naan bread and was v content.

Daily total: £55

DAY 7 – Sunday 9th February

11:30am – Head to Zara after taking some photos for the gram, technically become £29.99 richer as I returned a jumper, but it goes back onto my credit card, every little helps!

12:30pm – Fall into McDonalds which surprise surprise goes onto the joint account. We’ve definitely hammered it this week. I have a McChicken sandwich meal with an Oasis and it was bloody fab!

2:00pm – After the slowest bus journey home and braving the storm, I go to Flavourtown for a slice of cake to eat later – £5

6:00pm – Pizza for dinner because it’s national pizza day! So happy we have garlic bread in, too!

Daily total: £5

Weekly total: £156.34


I *think* this is a normal-ish week for me when I’m trying to be good. There weren’t too many stupid purchases, but I really need to STOP with the food purchases. Writing this has made me realise just how bad it is, and as I’m typing this – I’ve meal planned ALL week! Fingers crossed I learn from this and March’s ‘what I spend in a week’ is LESS ON FOOD!

Peach Kids' Fashion Lookbook Pinterest Graphic

Thanks for reading! :)

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