What I Spend in A Week: My First Week of Self Isolation

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With everything that a going on at the minute, I’m using blogs and Youtube to escape reality. And with that I thought I’d carry on with my ‘What I spent in a week’ series and record my outgoings for the first week of self isolation. I’m pretty sure I had the virus, but couldn’t get tested, so 111 told me to stay home and self isolate, which I’ve done. I’m sending my love and positive vibes to everyone – I know we’re all going a little crazy staying at home, but my GOD how amazing are our retail workers? NHS staff and other caring professions like social workers? Heroes.


First week in a new job and having to self isolate was… unusual, but that is life at the moment! I got a few stops to work and had to come home and ring 111, fun times!

Boyfriend was a star and brought me home a doughnut from Doughnut Time which I gave him the money for. They aren’t cheap, but snacks 100% get me through not being able to go out! – £4.50

After a day on my laptop I continued to use food to cheer me up and ordered a McDonalds on UberEats – thank GOD for McDonalds. – £10

Daily Total – £14.50


Realising I’d done all of my jigsaws I jumped onto Amazon and spent AGES picking a new 1000 piece Disney one. Opted for a jigsaw that had all of the Disney characters on the tea cups. – £7.99

Also fell onto H&M and ordered myself a flannel shirt after seeing one of my fave instagammers rock one 24/7. It was £15 in the sale and good old H&M free delivery was my best friend. I also added a jacket for my boyfriend to my basket, a birthday present as he turns 27 in April! – £35

Daily Total – £42.99


Another day going no where… but considering Nick was also having to self isolate due to living with someone with symptoms, we ordered a TV for the bedroom. Living with someone is lovely, but spending EVERY SINGLE SECOND with them as you work from home and then spending evenings together… it’s A LOT! So now I can watch Disney films upstairs whilst he plays on his PS4 downstairs. WIN! – £85 as we halved it & took some from our joint account!

Daily Total – £85


A day full of work calls and then sitting on the sofa after a long day, I may have fallen onto Amazon and ordered a stand for my phone on my desk. Weird purchase, but it’s ended up being a good one! – £7

Daily Total – £7


Mothers Day present was on the agenda for the day, so an order on Amazon sent to my mums ticked that box – £23

Mothers Day card was also an essential, so thanks to Funky Pigeon I could tick that off, too! – £4

Daily Total – £27


I spent… nothing! Which is pretty easy when you aren’t going anywhere I suppose!

TOTAL spend: £176.49

Blaming the purchase of the TV for the high spending this week – but I can’t tell you what  great purchase it’s been (currently in isolation week 5 whilst posting this!). I feel very lucky to be able to work from home and still maintain 100% of my wages. This paired with no traveling into zone 1 on the tube, and obviously not being able to go out, means I have a little more disposable income to spend on things to make this weird new normal a little easier.





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