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Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers

I don’t think I’ve ever discussed affiliate marketing on my blog before, but since graduating in 2014 I have worked in the industry across a number of different clients. Currently, I’m a Senior Affiliate Manager for a large online beauty retailer so I’ve seen how Affiliate Marketing can be used by bloggers and how it… Continue reading Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers


Paid Social Ads to Promote your Blog – Is it Worth it?

I’ve always been interested in Social Media. How certain tweets at certain times get better visibility, a higher click-through rate, engagement etc. I also find Paid Social really fascinating (I am sad) and something I’d love to learn a bit more about. For now, I’ve been dabbling in a bit of Facebook paid adverts, in… Continue reading Paid Social Ads to Promote your Blog – Is it Worth it?

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YouTube | Primark to Collaborate With Velvetgh0st?

When I saw this plastered all over my Twitter timeline tonight I was confused. I’m 100% for brands taking advantage of the reach and demographic of YouTubers and collaborating with them, but Velevtghost??!!! Surely as a brand you would do your research? You want someone with a relatively ‘squeaky clean’ past? Someone who isn’t the… Continue reading YouTube | Primark to Collaborate With Velvetgh0st?

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YouTubers Signing Up To Vessel

 In all honestly, I’m not sure when this was announced or whether it’s hit the UK but surely this is some form of exploitation?  In a nut shell, Vessel is a subscription service (think Netflix) that allows you to view videos 72 hours before they are uploaded to YouTube (or other video websites). Of… Continue reading YouTubers Signing Up To Vessel

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Are Youtubers Celebrities?

If you are a fan of a certain group of YouTubers, you’ll be well aware of the ‘big announcement’ made a couple of months ago. Zoella and Pointless Blog, who have several MILLION Youtube subscribers between them moved out of their Brighton flats into a house together. They’ve even got themselves a pet pug! OK,… Continue reading Are Youtubers Celebrities?

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Zoella Named One of the Most Influential People in the UK

Zoella joins the ‘New Media’ list of influential people in the UK, included in the annual Debrett’s 500 list. Am I surprised? Not at all. They make up current society, just like the politicians and journalists who also made it to the list. The only question I have is, when is it going to end?… Continue reading Zoella Named One of the Most Influential People in the UK

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Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection – HOW MUCH?!

Over the past few days Real Techniques have been unveiling their new collection Bold Metals. The hype over social media has been huge; in gold, rose gold and silver the collection oozes luxury. Featuring 9 new brushes, face, finish and eye they’ll look more than amazing on your dressing table. Whilst the majority of us have… Continue reading Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection – HOW MUCH?!