Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers

I don’t think I’ve ever discussed affiliate marketing on my blog before, but since graduating in 2014 I have worked in the industry across a number of different clients. Currently, I’m a Senior Affiliate Manager for a large online beauty retailer so I’ve seen how Affiliate Marketing can be used by bloggers and how it […]

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Covet Me? Covet No Thanks 

I’ve been working in affiliate marketing since I finished University and whilst I think its a really good opportunity for bloggers to monitise their content, I haven’t written a post to say how. In all honesty, it’s only worth it if you drive a fair bit of traffic to your blog. For anyone unsure of […]

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YouTubers Signing Up To Vessel

 In all honestly, I’m not sure when this was announced or whether it’s hit the UK but surely this is some form of exploitation?  In a nut shell, Vessel is a subscription service (think Netflix) that allows you to view videos 72 hours before they are uploaded to YouTube (or other video websites). Of […]

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Are Youtubers Celebrities?

If you are a fan of a certain group of YouTubers, you’ll be well aware of the ‘big announcement’ made a couple of months ago. Zoella and Pointless Blog, who have several MILLION Youtube subscribers between them moved out of their Brighton flats into a house together. They’ve even got themselves a pet pug! OK, […]

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The YouTube Super Fan

I’m sure most of us are ‘Fan girls/boys’ of something. I love The Courteeners, have met the band and travelled to a couple of different countries to see them. The difference between a fan and a super fan? I won’t tell someone to kill themselves because they said Liam Fray is a bit arrogant. I […]

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